IoT in Brazil: Security is still a problem

The Internet of Things promises to revolutionize the world. With innovations that go from smart fridges to smart grids, IoT in Brazil still is in the initial process. However, that is no obstacle for hackers to try to cheat the security system of those devices.

In a recent research, the security company Avast warned that one in five IoT devices in Brazil are vulnerable to cyberattacks, in other words, 20,01% of all the devices. This news was published on the Techtudo portal and warns all users about the high risk involving privacy and personal security.

The principals devices that are targets of the hackers are webcams, electronics nannies, printers, routers and smart gadgets, but they have little security embedded in their systems.

Still according with the research, 22,3% of the webcams (from laptops, for example) and electronic nannies are not safe; 9,7% of the printers and 62,4% of the routers. This last one is the most dangerous device to be attacked, since it grants access to another gadgets connected to the network like smartphones, smart TVs and kitchen devices.

To provide the security of the devices in the Internet of Things it is necessary the creation of robust softwares and with the security thought out since the beginning. For that, Synopsys, a integrity software company, has in it products and services portfolio, solutions that provides this security planning since the beginning of the process until it implementation.

To know more about the company, read his materials and participate of his exclusives webinars, access the link and register yourself:

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