Why São Paulo is the best place for a startup in Latin America

A study called “Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015” shows 20 cities in the world that are considered best options for startups’ businesses. The city of São Paulo, in Brazil, is ranked in 12th place, in front of some first-rate cities such as Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver and Amsterdam. It is the only one in Latin America to appear in the list. The ranking, recently released, was conducted by Compass, a developer of software for technology companies that carries out studies of the industry since 2012.

Numbers and facts justify such fame. According to ABStartups (Associação Brasileira de Startups), São Paulo concentrates 28% of the Brazilian startups, a number three times bigger than the second place – Minas Gerais – that has 9% of companies of this type in the country.

In addition, the city has some of the main factors for the development of a startups ecosystem, including the concentration of capital and investors, huge market potential and reach, talents trained in the region and new public policies that aim at facilitating the life of the entrepreneur.

Recently the city council has launched some plans and actions, like turning public technology centers into shared workspaces, a public notice for the creation of 12 training centers with technology tools, called “FabLab”, and startups free mentoring provided by investors and founders of successful technology companies.

São Paulo’s qualifications as a favorable place for the creation of new businesses also make it a breeding ground for the arrival of international business. The size of the market for both B2B and B2C, the city’s creative effervescence and the easy access, make foreign startups turn its eyes to São Paulo in the early stages of internationalization, even at a time of fluctuation in the local economy.

To take advantage of this new wave of opportunities that has been taking over the technology market, in addition to choosing where to invest, the entrepreneur must count on the support of local and specialized consultants, to deal with unique issues that every city has. Also in this particular aspect, São Paulo will disappoint no one. We’ll see you around!

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