IoT: Advantages for Business

Recently IDC conducted a survey with 150 brazilian organizations indicates that despite concerns with innovation and new technologies, only 7% of companies have projects related to IoT (Internet of Things). Among executives, 23% said they are aware of this new technology, while 36% have a relative knowledge. On the other hand, 28% of decision-makers have a low level of awareness about IoT, while only 13% do not know anything about it. One possible conclusion is that the country’s companies do not realize how IoT is already a necessity for business in today’s world and also part of consumers reality.

With IoT popularization, this technological revolution that connect, for example, items used in everyday’s life to the world wide web, is not an option being left out of these developments that have already impacted people’s lives. The challenges go beyond adapt companies in their new market demands and interests of the users who are already dealing with that.

The high implementation costs, the poor quality of brazilian infrastructure and the lack of manpower to implement projects can be recurrent concerns among businessman, but at the same time, the benefits generated by optimizing processes, reducing operating costs and, above all, new business opportunities are key factors that must be considered.

It taken for granted that Internet of Things add to domestic enterprise growth. Capabilities as lead flow management, doors that open automatically, presence sensors, intelligent commands by apps and other features, can give to organizations the best tools to make companies benefit from the opportunities created by technological advances.

Among the advantages are the possibility of new business models, accelerating the launch of new products and services market and, at the same time, to respond more quickly and promptly to customers needs. With na expanded capture data about the whole process, the information is in real time and will pave the way to radically improve the market agility. We can not forget that IoT may helps companies monetize additional services on top of traditional business lines and thus diversify the revenue stream. This is important, especially considering the the economic time in Brazil.

This is just beginning. The IoT will open doors for radical changes in way to do business. However its necessary to have a plan. Define and implement a data governance policy, access and select the appropriate tools to manage data, set the skill and knowledge required for today necessity and the ones will comes. Also to avoid setbacks, at any IoT implementation stage process, it is important to have expert help, which has the necessary expertise to take the company into off-line to the online world.

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