2017, the right time to invest in technology in Brazil

Brazil is all over the media this year. Whether it’s because its turbulent political scene or its unstable relationship with the dollar, Brazil has been in evidence on the global news for quite some time now.

These factors certainly affect important areas of the national economy; however, the technology market tends to continue to offer impressive and positive opportunities of growth. The demand for more infrastructure is high and because the country is going through a period of modernization of network structures, this is a great area to develop.

Another good reason to invest in Brazil in 2017 is the rise of the IoT market. As a member of the IoT Chamber (Council of experts run by the Technology and Science Ministry), I am positive that this is an area that has infinite possibilities and enormous potential of generating millions of dollars for the country in the next few years.

Even though, according to Financial Times, the greatest risk for Brazil now is an upward move in the dollar or an early US recession, the country is still considered an attractive risk to take.

The labour market in the technology area is heated, and companies are constantly struggling to find qualified people to fill their jobs. The Southern area of the country is rapidly becoming a center for tech companies and, according to Canaltech, is opening great opportunities for skilled employees.

Also, after having closely observed the market reaction for some time, many Brazilian companies are now in the process of launching its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in order to attract investors to the country. According to The New York Times, investors expect that more than a dozen deals to be filed by the end of 2017.

For companies operating with Euros or US Dollars in the quest for development, growth and profitability, building a local structure in the country can be a good option. The attractive risk for those who seek help in a good Brazilian consulting business to settle here, can become the key ingredient to succeed and thrive in Brazil.

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